501 Running Club Membership Benefits:

What do you get through membership in the 501 Running Club, aside from unparalleled camaraderie between club members?

  • Year-Round, Supported Long Runs: Every Saturday morning at Kensington Metropark you will have someone to do your long run with. In 501, long can mean 4 miles or it can mean 20 miles.  We typically set up two or three water stations along the route so that we need not carry fluids on our long runs to simulate the race settings.
  • Weekly Speed-Workouts: Organized track work or hill repeats on Wednesday nights. Each week a recommended workout is provided. Even if you can’t make it to the track that week, you can still have a workout to follow.
  • Race Day Gathering Area: Private gathering area at select local races, including an option to leave your gear (and sometimes beer) with fellow 501 members.
  • TeamSnap: Closed group communication, discussion, and scheduling through TeamSnap.
  • Team Challenge: Opportunity to participate in the team challenge portion of the CRIM 10 Mile, The Brooksie Way Half Marathon, and other races.
  • Club Apparel: Opportunity to purchase and race in Club apparel.
  • TeamSnap and Facebook: Closed group communication, discussion, and scheduling.
  • Runcations with friends: Travel to destination races with other 501 members for social and moral support. In recent years our members have traveled together to run the Boston Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Cherry Blossom 10k, Ironman Traverse City 70.3, and other races.
  • The 501 Opportunity: Opportunity to meet and get to know runners of varying paces, distances and terrains.

Annual Membership Fees

The 501 Running Club runs on a calendar year, from January 1 through December 31.

Annual Membership Fee:

  • Individual – $35.00
  • Family of Two or More ** – $45.00

**Please note that family membership is available only to individuals residing in the same household, i.e., the same mailing address.