About Us

Who is 501?

501 Running Club is a diverse group of committed, local endurance runners who train year-round – through the crazy Michigan weather – for a wide range of races from local 5k’s to trail ultras.  What makes 501 special is the camaraderie among all types of runners that has resulted in many lasting friendships formed over the years.  Our goal is to promote the sport of endurance running in a supportive environment that celebrates both the individual achievements and collective success as a team.

Any Pace, Any Distance, Any Terrain

You will find all kinds of runners in 501: competitive runners who are chasing their next personal records (PRs), some of whom have qualified for and participated in the Boston Marathon; runners whose primary focus is to simply enjoy the sport of running; and those who come to 501 looking to improve their health with the support of a running group.  Some of us prefer to go all out on 5k’s and 10k’s while others have challenged themselves on various ultra distances.  While most of our runners tend to stay on the road and solid pavement, a good handful of 501’rs have found their happy place on trails.  In recent years, some 501’rs have become triathletes, racing everything from a sprint distance to full Ironman.  Whatever your pace, distance, or terrain, 501 will have a winning formula for you.

Be a Part of the Team

Running is a team sport.  Every year, 501 members participate in the team competition portions of the CRIM Festival of Races in Flint (10 Mile) and The Brooksie Way Half Marathon in Rochester Hills.  While our CRIM teams are often equalized in speed and age-grade so as to create a friendly competition within 501, our team for The Brooksie Way Half Marathon has maintained its winning streak in the open division since 2015.  Since 2013, our runners have teamed up to participate in the grueling 3-day Great Lakes Relay (Team “Don’t Lose Bruce”), conquering everything from hot asphalt, river crossings, knee deep mud, stairs, and a suspension bridge.  You’ll always find a hearty group of 501’rs cheering runners at the 24 Mile marker of the Detroit Free Press Marathon.  Need that speed at Mile 24? Join the 501 Running Club!

Support System at Destination Races

501’s signature camaraderie and support system go the distance and beyond as trusted traveling buddies and course support at destination races. Our members have traveled together to “away” races, from the Glass City Marathon in Toledo and the Bayshore Marathon in Traverse City, to the Pittsburgh Marathon, the Chicago Marathon, and the Boston Marathon among many others.  If you are traveling with a fellow 501’er, you won’t have to worry about making your own pre-race dinner reservation or finding a post-race watering hole – we have our priorities straight.

Giving Back to Our Community

As frequent racers, we understand that volunteers have a profound impact on our race day experience, which is why we are committed to giving back to our running community whenever we can.  For the past few years, 501’rs have staffed the registration team at Trail to the Victors 5k in Ann Arbor, and many of us are scattered all over the course and near the start and finish line areas of the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run as race day volunteers.  Did you see a group of runners dressed up as Zombies helping runners find their kick in the final stretch of Kona Wicked Halloween Run in Plymouth? That was 501!  In addition, several of our members have raised funds for charities whose causes are near and dear to their hearts, including the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Every Mother Counts, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and American Brain Tumor Association’s Team Breakthrough.

Celebrate with 501!

Social interaction is an integral part of the 501 experience.  Every year, we celebrate our runners’ accomplishments at our End-of-the-Year Afterglow.  Several members regularly host 501 holiday parties and summer BBQs at their homes.  You will find us getting together for a post-run breakfast in Milford just about every Saturday morning, as well as post-run beer on Wednesdays.  We share training tips, race day strategies, and all things running-related both on and off the road; sometimes you just can’t talk when you are going all out on the track or challenging yourself on the hills at Kensington Metropark.

What’s Next?

If you are looking for a supportive, collaborative, and challenging environment to take your running to the next level, or simply looking to find like-minded runners to run with, join the 501 Running Club!